Slay Qu££ns take over Maa Adwoa’s one-week observation


The one-week observation of murdered Maa Adwoa was held at her family house in Kumasi yesterday Thursday 27th April 2023.

Some friends and sympathizers of Maa Adwoa thronged the venue of the one-week to mourn with the family.

A video which has surfaced on social media shows that instead of the people mourning with the family, they rather went there to enjoy themselves and get drunk at the event which was supposed to be a sober moment.

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Netizens who have come across the video are left in shock asking why these people mostly made up of slay queens would be enjoying the moment.

Some of the netizens are of the view that their character and behaviour at the event someone showed that they were happy about the death of the young lady.

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Watch the video below


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