South-African Entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu Allows Fan To F!ñger Her While Performing On Stage(Watch Video)


One of South-Africa’s most popular female  entertainer has made it to the trend list and it’s for an extremely astonishing event that happened while she was performing.

Though she is one female musician known for exposing her body, it seems she went beserk on this particular performance. In this video, she was spotted being touched by a fan and the aftermath of the scene was extremely err0t!c.

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While Zodwa Wabantu was busily performing with her usually observed see-through dress, a gentleman was spotted using his f!ñg€r to do the do in between her thighs and amazingly Zodwa had opened her l€gs widely for the fan to continue with what he was doing.

Below is a link to the fast trending video. Kindly take a look and tell us what you think

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