The Abesim Kîller Drops Another Sh0cking Bombshell


Some residents of Abesim, a town near Sunyani in the Bono Region that has been rocked by the gruesome murder of two children, believe the alleged murderer is a serial killer.According to police sources, the suspect in the Abesim murder case has revealed his motivation for people.

Richard Appiah, 28, is said to have told investigators that he began dogs before moving on to kil.ling humans.

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According to the source, he told his interrogators that something compelled him to kil.l a black dog, which he did but only ate the dog’s head.

“There is evidence to show that he really ki.lled a black dog first before turning to the people he ki.lled,” the source says.We don’t know what something he claims influenced him to commit the heinous crimes. The police do not conduct investigations based on the presence of spirits.”

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According to the source, the 28-year-old “told the interrogators that the so-called something urged him again to k!ll human beings, and that is exactly what he did” one week after the dog.


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