The Most Stubborn Technical School In Ghana


Ghana is blessed with some of the best second cycle institutions in Africa.

It is obvious our senior high schools are some of the best on the continent infering from the successes we have been accustomed to in recent years.

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There are some senior high schools that are widely known for notoriety because of so many reasons.

During inter schools competitions, some senior high schools are recognized in a number of brawls and fights anytime there is a rivalry at the grounds.

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As a result of this, we have done our background checks and compiled a list of schools that are known to have notorious students.

In Cape Coast, Adisadel college is well known as one school that has the most notorious students.

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In Accra, Accra Academy SHS is well known for notoriety because of their rowdy lifestyle during interschool competitions.

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It can be observed that the aforementioned schools are single sex boys schools. Aside these two schools, there are some senior high technical schools that have been accustomed to notoriety.

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One school that is widely known for notoriety is the Accra Technical Training College (ATTC). The school is located at the heart of the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The well technical senior high school was established by Canadians which is one reason why they are nicknamed the “Canadians”.

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Another technical school that is well known for notoriety is Koforidua Senior High Technical. It is one popular technical school located in Koforidua. Boys from this school are not for academic excellence.

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Aside this well known fact, they are also very rowdy. Students from this technical school are nicknamed “Mmarima Mma”.


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