This is how an alleged witch was beaten


Today, somewhere at Kafaba in the East Gonja community, a nonagenarian woman met her untimely death as a group of a very furious women pounced on her for allegedly bewitching them.

According to a similar news reported by GhanaWeb, this episode occurred after a soothsayer had declared the woman as a witch. To some, the criteria that the soothsayer used to identify the old woman as a witch is a mystery yet to be unravelled.

Someone captured the woman in a video as she was being beaten by the angry women and the video has gone viral on almost all social media platforms. During the lynching, the alleged woman was seen crying and denying all allegations levelled against her as a witch but the women showed no mercy on her at all.

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At a point, one of the women was seen slapping and whipping the old woman with a rope and she cried with low voice because of the agony she was going through. As to whether the woman had bewitched the angry mob and caused their progress buried deep down the earth or seen causing their downfall with her witchcraft, no one can tell for now.

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The beating was so severe that this nonagenarian was not able to help herself but succumb to death slowly. She died at the spot as she was being whipped by these unidentified women.

In fact, the scene was very sorrowful and it calls for the judiciary to take an immediate action against all those women who were seen beating the alleged witch to death.

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Readers, what can we say about this unlawful act by the women and all those involved in the lynching of the old woman? Kindly leave your comments in the comment box below, share and don’t forget to follow me for more updates.


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