“This Is Hypocrisy” Is The President Above The Law? -Efia Odo Questions


Efia Odo is a model and an actress in Ghana. She is one of the few Celebrities who are supporting the fix the Country movement.

The fixthecountry movement we’re stopped from protesting as a Results of Corona Virus. Here is the case President Akuffo-Addo pulled massive crowed during his tour at the upper east Region.

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And here is what Efia Odo had to say about it

Protestors can’t demonstrate but school kids who are suppose to be in class can come out and run after Nana Addo Presidential convoy? They really pick and choose who to use the law on. Smh the hypocrisy states blatantly in our faces!! A democratic country yet we have to fight for our right to demonstrate. Is this the same Nana Addo who lead the kumepreko protest in 1995?


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