Thyrone Mharguy Receives $6,000 Scholarship From Top International School


As the Christian Bible says in Psalms, weeping endures for the night but joy cometh in the morning’

The Rastafarian boys denied admission into Achimota due to their hair have gone through an ordeal but there appears to be light at the end of tunnel

According to Joy News journalist Kwaku Asante, 5 schools in Accra including one top international school have offered admission to the boys.

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The offer includes a scholarship offer of $6,000 annually.

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This comes after the two were denied admission into Achimota School for wearing dreadlocks.

Despite intense public pressure, Achimota has refused to admit them. The father of one of the boys has made it clear that he would take the issue to court.

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However, their education would now remain on track if they accept one of these offers, which even looks 100 times better than whatever Achimota had to offer.

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Things changed for the boys after an appearance on Joy News by Tyrone Tuesday night. The poise, intelligence and analytical skills he showed on the program made it clear he has a formidable intellect and would be an asset to any school he attends.

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