Toilet Rolls Price In Ghana


At home, there are certain necessities you can’t do away with when it comes to your day-to-day activities while preparing for work or making up for a special occasion.

People tend not to take into consideration things like soap, toothpaste, brush and toiletries.

However, they are some of the most essential needed in the house. Usually, when on goes for shopping, he or she finds it difficult to remember such things may because they are not valued and most of them are used for personal conveniences like the washroom.

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Today, we are going to take a look at one of the most essential toiletries in the Ghanaian home.

We will be looking at the various prices of the toilet rolls in Ghana. At the moment, there are so many brands on the market and customers have become conversant with only the most famous ones.

One of the most famous toilet rolls in Ghana is the Rose toilet roll. It is considered the most expensive because of its prominence and convenient usage.

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Currently, Rose toilet roll is sold at GHC 1.70ps on the market. However, they are usually not sold in packs. Aside Rose toilet roll, there are brands like Vice Toilet Roll. For Vice toilet roll, one can purchase a single bundle of roll for Ghc1.50ps.

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However, you can get it in packs. A pack of Vice toilet roll could range up to an amount of six cedis.

Next time you step on market, just bear in mind, a small amount of either Ghc7-10 can afford you a whole pack of toilet roll.

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Also if you want to be a retailer of toilet rolls, then amount of approximately Ghc100 can get a huge number of packs of toilet roll bundles.


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