Top 10 Beach Resorts In Kokrobite


In our previous discussion, we looked at the entrance fee and some important features of the Kokrobite beach.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at some amazing beach resorts and hotels located in the Kokrobite community.

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Kokrobite has one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Ghana. Though people may have heard about some of the most expensive hotels located in Kokrobite, a few of us have a fair idea of the costs involved and locations of these hotels and beach resorts.

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Sit back while I take you through the prices of these beautiful locations.

1. Kimpinski Hotel Gold Coast City

It is approximately 12.5 miles away from the Kokrobite beach.

Reservation – Ghc1,568

2. Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra.

It is located 12 miles away from Kokrobite

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Reservation – Ghc1,409

3. Central Hotel

Central hotel is located 13 miles from Kokrobite.

Reservation – Ghc898

4. La Villa Boutique Hotel

It is located 13.7 miles away from the Kokrobite community.

Reservation – Ghc 781

5. Coconut Grove Regency Hotel

It is located 13.3 miles from Kokrobite

Reservation – Ghc682

6. Accra City Hotel

It is 12.1 miles away from Kokrobite

Reservation – Ghc667

7. Bojo Beach Resort

It is situated 2.9 miles from Kokrobite.

Reservation – Ghc664

8. Sunlodge Hotel

Sunlodge is 12.2 miles away from Kokrobite.

Reservation – Ghc643

9. Alisa Hotels North Ridge

It is located 12.9 miles from Kokrobite

Reservation – Ghc563

10. Frankie’s Hotel

It is situated 13.6 miles from Kokrobite

Reservation – Ghc 518


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