Top 10 Cocoa Processing Companies In Ghana

Cocoa is a major export product which contributes massively to the agricultural sector of the country due to the large quantities produced by farmers in Ghana.
As a result of the massive cocoa production turn out in the country, Ghana is ranked second in Africa right after Ivory Coast.
Though lots of people have a fair idea concerning a variety of cocoa processing companies in Ghana, there numerous occasions where these same people tend to contemplate on the exact location in which these companies can be found.
If you are someone who has been pondering on where to get a Cocoa manufacturing company to work with but is finding it difficult to get the perfect answers to your questions, then sit back and chill while I get you answers within a twinkle of an eye.
The production of cocoa began as far back as 1870’s. However, at as early as 1911, Ghana had gradually grown to become one of the world’s leading producers in cocoa.
As at that time, Ghana’s cocoa produce was contributing to the world at a percentage of 30% on a large scale. After the 1960’s, cocoa prices in most countries experienced a massive downturn and as a result of this farmers in Ghana had to look for a different way of surviving.
The sudden downtun compelled farmers to cut down on the production of cocoa and other farm produce.
Fast forward, the situation of Ghana’s horrible cocoa pricing performance worsened as a result of droughts which gradually resulted in the downsizing of Ghana’s total production to an unfortunate 12% decrement.
As time went on, the World Bank intervened by laying down adjustment programs to salvage the country’s economic recovery plan.
As we speak, there are so many cocoa processing companies that have been widely acknowledged for thier top-notch delivery and pricing performance.
At this juncture, let’s take a look at some of these companies.
1. Plot Enterprise GH
This is one of the most acknowledged cocoa processing in Ghana that has its main headquarters located in the Central region of the country.
 Undoubtedly, Takoradi is a suitable location for this particular company because it is one region that has an excellent transport system of cocoa from Ghana to the international market.
If you are someone who would like to engage in cocoa processing business in the Central parts of the country, then call the number provided below or send them a message through the electronic mail address provided below.
+233 556 493 601
Aside the aforementioned cocoa processing company, there are some cocoa processing companies in Ghana that are also doing very well on the Ghanaian market.
Below is a list of some of them.
2. Cocoa Processing Company Limited
3. ADM Company Limited
4. Ceres Demeter Limited
5. Cargill
6. Delfi Ventures
7. Tema Cocoa Processing Company
8. HansNef Cocoa Ghana Limited
9. Olam Cocoa Processing Ghana Limited
10. Niche Cocoa Industry Limited
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