Top 10 Most Marketable Professional Courses In Ghana (2021)


Professional courses are courses studied to add up to the existing knowledge an individual has acquired from the tertiary level.

In Ghana, there are so many institutions that offer a variety of professional courses. Notable among them is the University of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA).

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In today’s article, we will be looking at the top ten most marketable professional courses in Ghana.

1. Accounting

This course gives learners the combination of technical knowledge and skills needed as an accountant.

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2. Human Resource Administration

This professional courses seeks to equip learners with the requisite knowledge needed for writing job descriptions, recruitment, interviewing and hiring new employees.

3. Computer Science

This certificate course seeks to improve upon the skills and knowledge aquired by learners to help them cope with the changing landscape of the computing industry in Ghana.

4. Oil And Gas Management

It is one professional course that equips students with knowledge in the oil and gas sector from the top hierarchy management aimed at impacting the sector.

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5. Hospitality Management

This certificate course equips learners with the basic knowledge on how to manage hotels or related organizations.

6. Professional Executive Development

The major targets of this certificate course are managers, researchers, consultants and executives.

7. Project Management

This certificate course equips learners with knowledge on how to evaluate the scope of models and theories needed to facilitate strategic planning and the transformation of management processes.

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8. Offìce Management

This professional provides learners with the skills needed to control, plan, evaluate and monitor all the activities in the office to ensure smooth operation.

9. Business Administration And Strategic Management

With this certificate course, students are equipped with skills needed to corporate success in the private, public and non-governmental organizations.

10. Logistics And Transport Management

This certificate course equips learners with the skills needed to review and modify the operations of transport and logistics in an organization.


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