Top 20 Business Schools In Ghana (2021)


Pursuing a course in any business institution requires a high level of academic expertise.

Aside being very good with numbers, you should also be very intelligent in getting along with monetary terms.

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Many at times, people feel the ability to pursue a business course has to do with being an expert in calculations. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you.

There is nothing calculation is some business related programmes. Courses like Business Administration and Marketing have less or nothing to do with calculations.

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They are usually theory based subjects that demand lots of reading and understanding. In Ghana, there are a lot of business schools that are widely known due to the excellent students they have been able to produce over the past few years.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at a number of tertiary institutions that are recognized for producing top class business students.

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Sit back while I take you through the list.

  1. University Of Ghana Business School (UGBS)
  2. Accra Business School
  3. GIMPA Business School
  4. Noble International Business School
  5. Concord Business College
  6. Ghana Communication Technology School (GCTU)
  7. LLC Business School
  8. Swedru School of Business
  9. Advanced Business College
  10. University College Of Management Studies
  11. Step Up Business School
  12. KNUST Business School
  13. University of Cape Coast Business School
  14. University Of Professional Studies
  15. Valley View University School Of Business
  16. Catholic University College of Ghana School Of Business
  17. All University School Of Business
  18. Pentecost University College School Of Business
  19. Ashesi University College School Of Business
  20. Baptist University College School Of Business
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