Top 20 Private Schools In Accra (2021)


The huge number of public and private schools in the country is one reason why the educational system of Ghana is considered one of the best in Africa.

From basic school, to senior high schools through to the universities, Ghana has proven to be at its core judging from the number of successes we have been accustomed to in recent times.

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As a result of the free education policy initiated by the Government of Ghana, it is very difficult to see a young uneducated child roaming around the streets of Accra.

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It’s safe to say almost every Ghanaian citizen has at least basic school education.

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In Ghana, the distinction between public and private schools are very clear. From the primary school level to the junior high school level, most parents prefer to enroll their wards in private schools.

This is because most students in private junior high schools perform better in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) than those in the public schools.

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However, the story changes when it comes to senior high school education. It is quite observable that most of the best senior high schools in Ghana are all government schools.

Divergent to this fact, there are some private senior high schools that are also very good at academics.

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In today’s article, we will be looking at the top 20 most patronized private schools in Accra.

It should be noted that these schools include both basic schools and senior high schools.

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  1. Ghana International School
  2. Galaxy International School
  3. Akosombo International School
  4. Seven Great Princess Academy
  5. Alsyd International School
  6. Victory Preparatory School
  7. Falsyd Foundation School
  8. Morning Star School
  9. GAEC International School
  10. Brainy Bairn School
  11. Alpha Beta School
  12. Silicon Valley International School
  13. Vilac International School
  14. St. Anthony Preparatory School
  15. De Youngsters International School
  16. God’s Grace International Montessori School
  17. Floent International School
  18. Ideal College SHS
  19. Preset Pacesetters SHS
  20. Action Progressive Institute


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