We All Have A Part To Play In Fixing The Country – Sarkodie


Sarkodie is one rapper who usually prefers to channel his thoughts through the lyrics of his songs.

This time around he has voiced out his opinion concerning the current social media trend that has eroded every corner of the country.

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In a recent post shared by Sarkodie, he said he has always known politicians usually politicize his sentiments just to save their party, with the mindset he is debunking their political agenda.

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The award-winning rapper said he doesn’t want to go further with explanations because he knows people with political perceptions will try to rubbish his opinions, which is one reason why the country is not progressing like it should.

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He didn’t take sides because he made it clear he is neither supporting citizens nor the government. However, he believes we are all in this country and for that matter, everybody has a role to play in saving the situation.

From his point of view, the major responsibility rests on the leadership of the country.

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Furthermore, he told members of the ruling government who are insisting citizens fix themselves before calling on the government, to perform their duties well.

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He indicated that, if problems are solved, then the government will have every right to blame citizens for failing to play their part in the process of nation building.

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What’s your take on Sarkodie’s assertion?


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