We Need To Borrow To Keep Free SHS Running – Deputy Finance Minister Designate


The introduction of the Free Secondary Education by the Akufo-Addo led Government seems to be one that will cost the Nation some fortune to maintain and possibly put Ghana into a huge debt.
With the Country’s total public debt stock reaching an all-time high of GH¢291.6 billion in December 2020, Citizens have been crying out loud for Government to stop borrowing but that is impossible according to the Deputy Finance Minister-designate.

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Her view is s clear statement that Ghanaians will not witness any form of development or intervention should government stop borrowing.

“We need to continue with the Free SHS, we need to continue the road construction. We need to continue with the Ghana CARES, we need to continue with the infrastructure the people want to have. So in this situation, what do you do? We try as much as possible to borrow amounts of money that will serve our interest”, she said.

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