Cecilia Marfo Disgraced Joyce Blessing On Stage, Snatched The Microphone From Her (Watch Video)


The predator of the Unity Group of Companies Cecilia Marfo,snatches microphone from Joyce blessing during their yearly Thanks Giving Service were tossed into a condition of daze when Cecilia Marfo raged the stage while Joyce Blessing was performing to strongly take the microphone  from her hand.

Cecilia Marfo who was said to have been devoured by the Presence of God and was communicating in its language said God was using Joyce Blessing for his work however what was left with her is to return to her marriage.

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Prophetess Cecilia Marfo said God has made Joyce Blessing a Queen and that it’s basic that she returns to her significant other to make her seat total.

“My girl, in the event that you will hear me out return and take your marriage. I called you with adoration thus you should know the existence you have isn’t yours. I’ve made you a Queen so hear me out and return to your significant other. I’ve sent you as of now, woman proceed to take your better half, my soul is using you,” Cecilia Marfo said while mixing it with unexplained tongues which fell upon the arrival of Pentecost.

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Reports show that Joyce Blessing and her administration were not satisfied with what Cecilia Marfo did at the occasion so the administration of the Unity Group gave an unfit statement of regret to her and her administration for the turn of events.


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