What Space Movie Came Out In 1992?


Unarguably, space movies are considered one of the most creative movies in the world. This is basically due to the fact that it is based on the actual scene of nature and takes into account a lot of work based on the outlook of images sighted when the movie is out.

Over the past few years, space movies that have been identified on the internet have been seen yet most people have no idea the names of actors cast or the particular the movies gained grounds within the theater industry.

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In today’s article, we will be taking a look at one of the most watched movie during the late 90’s. This movie happens to be one of the viewed movies in 1992. In case you are wondering which movie this is, it’s none other than the popular “Gayniggers From Outer Space”.

The movie was premiered as far back as 1992 but till date it’s considered one of the best space movies to ever hit the movie industry.

This particular movie is a blaxploitation movie that was full directed by a Danish artist who goes by the name Morten Lindberg.

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Gayniggers From Outer Space is basically a short parodical movie that had a depiction of a fiction attributed to the science world.

On record, this movie happens to be the only science fictional movie which aligns with a particular group of intergalactic men who are h0m0s€[email protected] These group of homosexuals who metaphorically came from the planet named “Anus”, came across women on a different planet named Earth.

In view of this, the homosexuals came up with a plan to eliminate all females from the planet Earth basically due to them being homosexuals.

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Before they left the planet Earth, they managed to leave behind one of their kind, a man who was considered a [email protected] ambassador.

Basically, the movie was a depiction of some h0m0$£xuals doing their possible best to eliminate females from the planet Earth in order to take over an rule.

Below is a list of actors who were featured in the movie.

  • Coco Dalbert
  • Sammy Saloman
  • Gerald F. Hail
  • Konrad Fields
  • Johnny Cony
  • Tony Thomas


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