When Will 2021 BECE Candidates Go To SHS?


Reopening dates for the various academic levels vary based on either the accommodation facilities an Institution has or the level of class a student is.

Usually, BECE candidates who opt to enter their favorite senior high schools are delayed either based on their quest to get themselves abreast with what to bring to school or the distance needed to be covered before finally reporting to school.

As we speak, these factors seem to have died out as current reopening dates depend solely on the Ghana Education Service which happens the topmost level of educational governing bodies in Ghana.

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Not long ago, the Ghana Education Service released an official communique making specifications on the actual dates set aside for reopening of senior high school for new entrants which happens to be those who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination in the year 2021.

The management of the Education Service usually releases the academic calendar for reopening and vacation dates at the early stages of the year.

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However, the situation was a bit different for the year 2022 as students were caught up in a little delay from the Ghana Education Service.

The academic calendar released by the Ghana Education Service is basically a documentation for students that seeks to throw more light on the curricular and non-curricular that will be observed with the academic semester or academic year.

It gives not only parents but students the opportunity to have a fair idea on the academic events that will be undertaken within the academic semester.

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Also, the academic calendar issued by the GES gives teachers the opportunity to plan on their lesson notes as well as the categorization of academic schedules for the semester.

As we speak, the specifed reopening date for students who sat to write the 2021 Basic Education Certificate Examination is January 18 2022. Vacation for the aforementioned students is scheduled for 9th of June 2022.


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