Where Is Elmina Castle Located?


Historically, the castle was built purposely for the Fantes and is located along the coastal area of the then Gold Coast.

People living along the coastal lane specifically Cape Coast have the Elmina castle located at the heart of the region.

According to history, Fantes bear an uncertain relationship with Akans. As the name implies, the Akans came up with the language first before other ethnic groups close to the Ashanti region.

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Among the ancestors of the Fantes were merchants and miners who traded in gold into the Mediterranean and Near East Worlds from medieval times.

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The people on the West African coast were subdivided into diverse populations drawn with respect to their kingship lineage.

The Portuguese reached became identified as Gold Coast in 1471. Prince the Navigator sent ships to explore the country a year after the Portuguese entered Ghana.

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Primarily, the Portuguese had several motives for moving to the south. According to research, most of them were attracted by rumors of fertile African lands that were rich in gold and Ivory.

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They are also sought a route to one of the most Asian countries (India) to circumvent Arab traders and establish a direct trade relationship with the Asians.

They also sought to form an alliance with the legendary Prester John, a man believed to be the leader of a great Christian nation far from Europe.

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These motives prompted them to invent the Guinea trade. They made further movement towards the coastal parts of Africa and after fifty years of coastal exploration, the Portuguese finally got to Elmina in 1471.

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The chief of Elmina at that time was King Afonso V. The Portuguese upon reaching present day Elmina discovered thriving gold trade already existing among natives and foreigners from the Arab and Berber countries.

A Portuguese named Ferñao Gomes decided to establish his own trading post which became a recognized trading center known as “A Mina” which in English means “The Mine” a name which was obviously devised because of the gold found in the community.


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