Which Year Was Elmina Castle Built?


A castle built initially for the purpose of trading has eventually developed to become one of the most famous tourist sites in Ghana.

Some people may say it’s gained a high level of prominence because of its historical background and events that took place. Though the aforementioned analysis may be true, there are a number of significant activities that took place at the castle a few years ago.

Today, we are going to clear all doubts by looking at a brief history of the famous Elmina castle.

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The construction of the Elmina castle became a reality after it was erected by the Portuguese in 1482. After it was built by the Portuguese, it was given the name Castelo De Sao Jorge Da Mina.

Elmina castle was the first trading post established on the Gulf of Guinea and the oldest European building that existed at the Southern part of Sahara.

After serving its purpose as a trading center, Elmina castle eventually became one of the most relevant stops on route of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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In 1637, the castle was seized from Portuguese by the Dutch after a failed attempt to a similar extent. In 1642, the Dutch took control over all of Portuguese Gold Coast.

The slave trade was still in contention under the rulership of the Dutch until 1814.

In the year 1872, the Dutch Gold Coast became a possession of Great Britain.

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In 1957, Ghana, the then Gold Coast gained its independence from Britain and took total control of the castle.

According to information gathered by Tapnewsgh, Elmina is a historical and was used as a major filming location for Werner Herzog’s 1987 drama movie named Cobra Verde.

Elmina castle is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Aside this fact, it is the major tourist attraction sites located in the Central part of the country.


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