Who Wrote The National Pledge Of Ghana?


The national pledge of Ghana is recited at almost every national gathering.

Usually, the national anthem is sang before the recitation of the national pledge. As a patriotic citizen of Ghana, it is somehow obligatory to be abreast with the words used for the composition of the national anthem and the national pledge.

There have been several occasions when some famous patriots have found it difficult to make a full recitation of either the national anthem or the national pledge.

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I would say they are not to be blamed because if you are someone who doesn’t recited frequently, there is the possibility you might forget some of the words or skip a stanza.

As factual as this statement may be, any Ghanaian citizen who has his basic or secondary education in Ghana is bound to be able to sing the national anthem and recite the national pledge without any difficulty.

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This is because the national anthem and the national pledge is recited almost every morning before lessons begin.

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As a result of this, it may be very difficult to see a male or female of school going age finding difficult to either sing the national anthem or recite the national pledge.

Theae two patriotic recitations became a normalcy after Ghana gained Independence in the year 1957.

I know a lot of people are conversant with the national anthem and national pledge, but have you bothered to ask yourself who composed these two patriotic recitations?

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To satisfy your curiosity, let me answer your question in a less complex context.

The man who wrote the national pledge of Ghana is called Dr. Phillip Gbeho.

Dr. Phillip Comi Gbeho is the same person who composed the Ghana national anthem.


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