Why Most Guys Do “H!t And Rün” (Ladies Take Note)


Guys have a larger share when it comes to relationship benefits. This is because they usually fall in love first but tend to get fed up with the whole love experience quicker than ladies.

Ladies on the other hand have difficulty entering into a relationship with all of their hearts and mind. However, they tend to fall deeply as the relationship gets intense.

This makes ladies vulnerable at the later parts of the relationship when the guy no longer gives his partner adequate attention.

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Though a lot of guys just love to stay missen in action for a while. Others just have that “hit and run” attitude. When I say “hit and run” what do I mean?

This simply means a guy who is only focused on having his way a girl and after the action he moves on.

Have you ever wondered why a guy will spend months chasing a lady just to lay to bed and leave her unexpectedly.

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Well, one major thing that compels guys to pick up this attitude is fear of commitment. Most guys who are fond of doing this ‘hit and run’ thing have fear of staying committed to one lady for a long time.

To avoid commitment, they simply find means to have fun with the lady and dump whenever they please.

Another reason why guys use and dump ladies is because they prove too hard to get. Have you ever thought of girl in your area who is widely recognized as the most “hardcore” girl in your area.

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Well, if you have then just know there is a nice guy in the area who wants to make a record by just sl££ping with her to prove to guys in the area he is not actually hard to get and it’s perceived.

This is one major reason why some guys do hit and run. They do it to humble ladies who prove to hard to get.


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