“Wo pre dodo” Fans Tells Abeiku Santana For Doing This At Despite Birthday Celebration ( Video)


Abeiku Santana has been called out for acting too modestly around Ghanaian rich man Osei Kwame Despite in order to win his favor.

These are the reactions a video celebrating the business mogul’s birthday has garnered.

The energy Abeiku Sanatan exuded by singing at the top of his lungs to celebrate Despite sparked discussion on social media.

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“Why is he trying too hard to please Despite?” How can a whole Abeikeu SantanA be reduced to a cheerleader? Money has reduced Abeiku Sanatan to a schoolkid. These were some of the remarks made.

According to many, Abeiku Santana must have some level of self-respect and not overact whenever he is seen around the rich man.

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Many believe that despite his wealth and influence, Abeiku Sanatan had to sing his heart out and serve as a cheerleader just to please him and make him happy.

An action many have condemned considering Abeiku Santana’s pedigree.


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