Zoe Baidoo Explains How She Was Trìcked Into Thinking She Was Communicating With Caleb Kudah


Today, we will be looking at the aftermath of Caleb Kudah’s arr£st. At the moment, he has been released.

However, there has been a recent development about what happened before he was arr£$ted.

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In a recent interview monitored by Tapnewsgh, Zoe Baidoo, who happens to be a colleague of Caleb, explained how she was lured to assume she was talking to the journalist, so she could also be arr£st£d.

In her narration, she said someone used Caleb Kudah’s mobile phone to send her a WhatsApp message which she replied as a friend.

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First, the individual impersonating Caleb asked her where she was at that time, and she said she was at the office.

Afterwards, the person told her he was hungry so she(Zoe) should meet him, so they could get some food to eat. He made it clear to the host of the television program that, though she(Baidoo) was very cool with Caleb, it wasn’t to that extent.

As a result of this, she suspected something wasn’t right. Upon asking the person(Caleb’s impersonator) where he was, she got a call and finally the person confirmed he was an offìcer and needed to talk to her concerning a video Caleb sent to her.

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Zoe said she told the offìcer she had to consult her boss first before coming for the [email protected]ìon.

She then called her boss to inform him about the issue, and she was told her colleague was in p0lìce cust0dy. She made it clear that, it was at that time she understood why she was receiving all those WhatsApp messages initially.

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Baidoo said after talking to her boss, she tried calling Caleb’s phone again, but there was no response.

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Afterwards, she went to the cafeteria to eat, only to meet some individuals moving with a vehicle towards her direction.

These people susp£cted to be national security offìcers [email protected]£d her phone and cha$ed her till she entered the cafeteria and met her boss.

https://youtu.be/4QCd1Zs2uL4 (fast forward 22:41).


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